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Author: Lancer Corporation / Published Date: 29 May 2012

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Snowbird Whaletail Beer TowersOur first US draft beer system installation at Snowbird Ski Lodge and Resort in Utah, has been recognized by Brewer & Distiller International Magazine.

The Aerie Restaurant installation has been featured in the May edition of this international industry publication, with a focus on this innovative beer dispensing technology which is new to the US.

The beer dispense system is centred around our unique Glycol Chiller Plate System.

Snowbird Ski Resort - glycol beer chiller system - kegsLancer Beer Systems introduced the Glycol Chiller Plate System to the Australian market over 15 years ago. These systems revolutionized beer dispense and are now recognized as the leading beer dispense system available worldwide.

Incorporating large glycol tanks with 42 gallon capacity, high flow rate pumps that circulate at 600 gallons an hour, Lancer glycol chiller plates, fully flooded beer towers and sub zero glycol/water solutions, these draft beer systems
reduce beer wastage to almost zero

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Australian and New Zealand beer consumers and draught beer venue operators have been enjoying quality draught beer for the last 30 years thanks to the technical innovation that Hoshizaki Lancer have developed for chilling and dispensing quality draught beer.

This innovation has been expanded into SE Asia and Europe and has recently been introduced to the USA with plans to move into Canada and Latin America. After several market research visits, Bill Cadd, former Sales and Marketing manager for Hoshizaki Lancer, Australia, convinced the management of Lancer Corporation that their Australian Glycol Chiller Plate beer systems would provide retailers with a beer system that was superior in many ways to the current systems available in these markets.

Bill has now moved to San Antonio, Texas as Director Beer Equipment Sales for Lancer Corporation and the first Lancer glycol chiller plate beer system installation in the US has been installed at Snowbird Ski and Summer resort.”

Snowbird Walk in cooler beer systemWe’re excited to see this innovating beer dispensing equipment receiving international press. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact us.

To read the full article, get your copy of Brewer & Distiller International Magazine, or download a PDF of the article via the link below.

 Lancer Beer article in IBD (PDF 4199kb).

Find out more about our Lancer Glycol Chiller Plates beer dispensing system here.

Read our Aerie Restaurant at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort here.

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