Feature Product: Siberian Elite Remote Glycol Chiller

Author: Lancer Corporation / Published Date: 25 April 2012

Categories: Beer Dispensing Equipment & Draught Beer Dispense Systems

Siberian Elite Remote Glycol Beer Chiller - Feature Product

This month’s feature product is our Siberian Elite Remote Glycol Beer Chiller.

Available from 4HP through to 14HP, this efficient beer chiller replaces the need for multiple chillers and multiple pumps.

The 42 gallon bath is combined with our high flow rate semi-submersible glycol compatible pump to deliver 600 gallons of glycol/water solution. This high performance beer chiller is capable of delivering super cold beer and forming an attractive layer of ice on beer towers.

Lancer have been using these semi submersible pumps for many years now. And due to their compatibility with glycol, we have experienced very few issues with them.

In fact, our technical expert Brett Catliffe has replaced only one pump in the 12 years that he has been working with Lancer beer equipment – exceptional reliability!

The Siberian Elite beer chiller uses remote refrigeration rather than conventional power packs. When used in multiple configurations, power packs can generate excess heat which can lead to compressor failures or high temperature cut outs.

So if you have a large draft beer system to install, talk to your local Lancer Beer Systems distributor to find out more about our Siberian Elite Remote Glycol Beer Chillers.

Read more about our Siberian Elite Remote Glycol Beer Chillers here.

Above photo: Siberian Elite chiller, Lancer Glycol Chiller Plates and glycol manifolds.

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