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Lancers' extensive range of beer towers can be found in all types of venues, from small cafe’s, hotels, clubs, sports bars, stadiums, casinos, convention centers and restaurants.

From a standard T bar tower, to our ever popular multi tap variants, Lancer Beer Systems has a beer tower that will suit the most fastidious venue owner.

Our multi tap towers are all manufactured in house and can be fabricated in almost any shape or size, the only limitation is your imagination!!!

Bondi Tower Teaser

Bondi Tower

With Sleek stylish curves the Bondi Tower adds another dimension to your bar.

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Bridge Tower Teaser

Bridge Tower

The Lancer Bridge Tower is a fantastic looking pass through beer tower that has great lines that will make a difference to your bar.

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Cooly Tower Teaser

Cooly Tower

Similar in design to the Bondi Tower, the Cooly, complete with fully flooded double supports will create a "cool, relaxed" feel for your bar.

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Crisscross T bar Tower Teaser

Criss cross T Bar Towers

The Crisscross tower, small in diameter and with special featured upright section, looks great in any situation and adds that variation you have been looking for.

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Double Zenith Tower Teaser

Double Zenith Towers

The Lancer Double Zenith beer tower is a pure work of art that is certain to be the feature of any bar. A pass through tower with fantastic looks this tower will be the talking point of your bar for years to come.

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FatBoy Tower

Lancer Fat Boy founts have a unique style and shape that sets them apart from the traditional T bar fount. The broader base enhances the look and creates a sense of prestige.

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Goalpost Tower

The Lancer Goalpost tower is one of the original pass through style towers available and is as popular today as it was when first introduced.

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Harbor Tower

Harbor Towers

The Lancer Harbor Tower is a fantastic looking pass through beer tower that has great lines that will make a difference to your bar.

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Heritage Towers

Unique beer towers for your special brands.

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Iridium Tower

The sleek modern design of the Iridium Tower solidifies this tower’s place as one of the most popular in our range.

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Jupiter Tower

Originating in the Casino industry the Lancer Jupiter beer tower, available in either right hand or left hand.

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Slimline Crisscross Tower

This single faucet tower with its patterned design offers a different look to other single towers.

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T Bar Tower

Lancer T bar founts are all fabricated locally using only the finest materials.

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Twist Slimline Tower

This single faucet tower with its patterned design offers a different look to other single towers.

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Whaletail Tower

The Whale Tail Tower is a new addition to the Lancer beer tower product range.

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X-treme Tower

Are you looking to make a statement in your bar? Then look no further the Lancer X-Treme tower says it all!

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Zenith Tower

Slim, sleek and sexy the Zenith is quickly becoming one of the most popular towers in the Lancer range.

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Custom Towers

Lancer Beer Systems can assist you with your special beer tower requirements and can manufacture whatever style or shape of beer tower you require to meet your needs.

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Beer Tower Accessories

Brand identification is a critical element in the purchaser’s decision making process and Lancer Beer Systems has a range of brand decal holders to suit all styles of beer towers. Other accessories include Grundy C spanners

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Beer Faucets Teaser

Beer Faucets

Lancer Beer Systems has a precision machined 304 grade stainless steel dispense beer faucet available to suit your existing beer tower. Lancer beer faucets are available with creamer spouts for nitrogenised products and also with flushout facility.

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Beer Faucet Spares

Lancer Beer Systems has a full range of spare parts to suit almost every beer faucet in the market. From kits, valve shafts, levers, handles, and bonnets, Lancer Beer Systems can help you with your beer faucet repairs.

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Faucet Repair Kits

Lancer Beer Systems has a range of faucet service kits available to suit most faucets in the market.

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Faucet Adaptors & Shanks

Lancer Beer Systems incorporate a range of quick connect fittings that provide a high level of flexibility not available in other beer systems.

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Drip Trays

We understand that bar space is prime real estate and we have developed a range of fabricated stainless steel countertop drip trays that will assist you in maximising the available space on your bar.

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“We could have easily gone for cheaper options with our beer system; there is any amount of companies out there that could have provided us with a less expensive beer system. However, after we looked at all available options it was clear to us that Lancer Beer Systems ticked all of our boxes by meeting every requirement we had. We paid more and Lancer delivered more, we now have a high quality, high performance, easy to use low maintenance beer system that delivers in every aspect. The life cost savings are important to us and we believe we will recover the costs of this system very quickly – we are very pleased we decided on a Lancer Beer System”

Bret Johnson
Food & Beverage Director

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